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Imagine an employer seeing your social media profile...

A hacked profile can get you sacked...

Always lock your devices

About Eek

Eek the victim

I'm Eek. I don't know what happened. Someone must have hacked my account or something, and they've posted a lot of stuff on all my social media accounts and I'm in so much trouble with so many people. Especially my boss - someone showed him and he's called me in to see him. I think I might be about to lose my job! I didn't do anything though! Some people don't believe me, that I didn't write that stuff. I've tried to get it all down but the damage is already done. I don't know how this happened, this is so bad...

About Eek
Eek the Hacked Social Media Fail
Bully the Troll Social Media Fail Character

Bagging an employer can be a real job spoiler

It's not cool to be a tool

About Bully

Bully the Troll

I'm Bully. So you know that girl that's always whinging? Yea, that Cry chick, so I made up the funniest post about her, she didn't see it, but everyone else is talking about it. Someone tried to tell me I was being mean, but it was just a bit of fun. Oh, and that Eek guy, he left his phone unlocked and I got it! Ha what a noob! I posted some stuff pretending to be him about his boss and his job - it was soo funny!

About Bully

Information leaking, it's obvious you're attention seeking

Get a diary and don't be like Miley

About Miley

Just Miley.

Oh, hey, I'm Just Miley and I don't want to go on and stuff, but my life is really, really hard, you have no idea. My boyfriend just dumped me and just everything else is going wrong! It's so hard to be me! When I post about how hard everything is, people don't comment or like my posts anymore, maybe they aren't seeing it? They wouldn't block me from their newsfeed, would they? Maybe I'll post it again, just in case...

About Miley

Just Miley Social Media Fail Character
Selfie Monster Social Media Fail

Too much flash - you've done your dash

Keep it clean, not everything needs to be seen

About Flash

Flash the selfie monster

Hi guys! My name is Flash, and I'm the most photogenic person I know! I have so many people following me and liking my photos. The more skin I show, the more people like it! It's not a good day unless I get at least 5 new photos up on my Instagram and I have like 10 times more followers than anyone I know. I don't know many of the people, but I am so popular and everyone loves me - and why wouldn't they?

About Flash

Funny at the time, until someone tagged you online

A big night out? Get online to sort it out.

About Grog

Grog the party animal

Hey dudes my name is Grog, my friends call me a party animal. I've been known to drink my weight in alcohol, party all night and I'm the first to chuck off my clothes for a nudie run and make sure it's on social media. I have some great mates but they're always putting some pretty inappropriate photos and videos of me online.

About Grog
grog Social Media Fail

It's not too late to clean up your social media profile